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The Leadership Development Group of Houston (LDGH) is an organization that brings together executives and future executive-level leaders and leverages the synergies between them to improve leadership capability. Each member has unique knowledge and experience that make them valuable to the group, which creates the perfect forum to discover solutions to each member’s unique needs and leadership concerns. These solutions can then be debated, tested, and practiced in a safe and supportive group of other high performing and reflective leaders.

The LDGH Member’s goal is to grow each member's leadership through the facilitation of sharing and learning via the collective experience of the group. The group vastly expands any one leader’s accessible data points of career and work knowledge and provides experience and perspective that would take many lifetimes to collect. To further expand learning and access to experience, LDGH invites distinguished guest speakers to join in the monthly conversations. Members realize remarkable value return on the face-to-face board room discussions and online debates. The relationships formed and the trust built inside the group offer the freedom to share their most pressing business concerns in a completely secure environment, allowing confidential viewpoints of their peers to resonate and improve the members leadership decision making.

The common thread among LDGH’s members is their diversity and breadth of career experience, a track-record of success in diverse settings, and a shared passion for leading people extraordinarily well. LDGH’s belief is that world-class leadership capabilities are the crucial differentiator for organizations and leaders who wish to be the catalyst for large-scale, broad-spectrum change in their market, industry, city, country and world. The LDGH is built on the premise that great leadership requires forethought, practice, and critical observation from other leaders to be truly great.

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